Esco and partners on SASO fair 2018 – 8 innovations for building, recycling, water purifications, pressure tanks and many more


Cső-Montage Ltd., was founded in December 1990 and has been operating since March, 1991. One hundred percent of our company is Hungarian property.

Our successful activities so far have been due to the experiences of our founding members at leading national assembly companies for 15-20 years before founding our company, the flexibility which is typical of small and medium enterprises, and the human values, high professional skills, profession passion, mindset, and creativity that our staff possess.

Thanks to the constant growth of the company, we have managed to create modern infrastructure, economical stability, and good work conditions, which ensure the continuous functioning and development of the company.


MolnárBeton Llc is a leading concrete producer group of companies in Hungary. What difference makes is MolnárBeton’s engineers always keen on find new path in Research and Development.

Examples: The cost-effectiveness of manufacturing water-based concrete platforms and pontoon manufacturing bases for buildings is primarily due to the modification of the concrete structure and the use of additives and surface treatments.

Industrial concrete-furnace development. Concrete mixes that have been blended, but not used or blended, are mixed into a temporary storage and then put into inert dumps. However, these concrete elements can be calcined in recycling technology and can be recycled in concrete, reducing the cost of the concrete factory by using MolnárBeton’s new industrial furnace both from the waste management and raw material purchasing side.


Thanks to its groving client base and outstanding technological background our company (established in 2002) delivers the most different steel structures and machine constructions to more and more countries in Europe. With our professional engineering services we cooperate in several big complex technological development projects.

We undertake construction and general contracting of steel structures in industrial, agricultural, sport and common fields with short deadline and high quality. Advantage of these architectural strucutres are that we can construct durable buildings with low cost which fit to the future expectations.

On the field of machine building we realise planning, construction, refurbishing and services of special machines of agriculture, rubber industry, timber industry or other technological production lines.

Our prepared employees and our well equipped plant makes it possible to serve our clients’ needs in our own 1500m2 sized workroom with a railcrane.

The goal of our experted engineers are to get innovation for every project, and to realise the product on a high level with competitive price level in highlight with the unique ideas of our clients. To keep our clients trust is the base of our successful cooperation.


With its dominant market share, Holofon Corp. is one of the leading plastic recycling company of Hungary. The Company was established in 1995 by professionals with expertise acquired in plastic industry, processing and distribution. Our philosophy is to change the public approach to plastic waste. Our main activity is recycling thermoplasts having generated mainly in the form of packing waste in the field of industry and trade. The secondary raw material so processed and recycled is an excellent base material for plastic processors for manufacturing finished products.


Since 1996, IMSYS has been assisting domestic and foreign companies engaged in economic and service activities in Hungary and in neighboring countries. Our company currently employs over 30 full-time employees. For the successful implementation of the projects, we have consultants, experts and designers with great domestic and international experience in the field.
Our company’s consulting and expert activities are based on management systems built and certified based on ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards. Our sampling and measurement activities are carried out in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, our ÜHG certification activity, in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 14065: 2013 standard and accredited system.


ESZO Fitting Trade and Service Ltd. was founded in 2006 as a limited liability company. Its largest client is MOL, the largest company in Hungary and a leading oil company in CEE. ESZO HQ is located in MOL’s main industrial site in Százhalombatta, Hungary.

Definitive activities:

Technological pipe fitting, prefabrication, transformation,

Machine equipment assembly, repair, transformation
Construction, installation, repair and transformation of storage tanks
Transformation of production and repair of pressure equipment
Manufacture and installation of steel structures
Building installation
Production, installation and revision work of containers for the storage of dangerous substances

PREMIX Llc. – durostrong

Premix Llc is a key player of producers of dry building materials, ingredients and technologies in Hungary.

The reinforcement mortars have become a decisive part of the last one and two decades of decades to create indoor concrete floors. When applied to the surface of a fresh concrete with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm, the reinforcement increases the wear and impact resistance of the floor, giving it a durable, dust-free, easily cleanable surface. Nowadays, fiber reinforcement has become the foundation for industrial floor making.

However, the further spread of the technology is largely limited by the fact that these cement-based barrier amplifiers are not weather-proof, so in areas where salt or frost resistance requirements are not applicable. Typically, such uses are roads, outdoor concrete, parking houses.

With the new family of additives, we want to develop a special formula that changes cement properties. Since the cement is not salt or antifreeze, cement-based mortars, such as the crusher, did not meet these requirements. Nanotechnology additives, on the other hand, are able to modify and improve the chemical properties of the cement, which is why we plan to develop a new generation of growth enhancers.

JSP Llc. – Sondasafer

WE DO: Engineering, building engineering and civil engineering design together with constructions of civil engineering works.

WE USE: Modern technology, the application and development of 3D printing, and the injection molding of sewage probe protective equipment.

WE DEVELOP: ‘Sonda Safer’ project has been up for the reason to develop a professional measurement of water quality parameters. The used sewage tools increased the number of used probes with a special container in order to operate the equipment in the long run and safely in landmines.

All since 1997.